Welcome to T4C Classic 1.72!

Classic Settings

  • Level 250, Seraph x10
  • x2 XP
  • Vircom Music only
  • Day and night cycle in the main world
  • Doppelganger Portals are enabled but reset on rebirth
  • Colosseum is enabled and gives XP
  • All Quests reset on rebirth
  • No Add-on "Quests"
  • HP/MP Calculator is enabled
  • Damage / Healing System is enabled


  • Added Bishop Assistant to Cure or Poison the Bishop on command
  • Added Striking Dummies to test DPS
  • Added Questbook to show Seraph quest requirements and more
  • Added an Informant NPC to help with Information
  • Added Natalie Genderbender NPC to help with changing Gender
  • Crafting makes Summon Only Items made by Vircom
  • +3 Weapons are Craftable (not Makrsh drop items)
  • Unified CS Gem is Craftable
  • Town roads are reverted to 1.25c
  • All Buildings are reverted to 1.25c (Including Silversky Palace)
  • All Dungeons are reverted to 1.25c (Including proper torch positioning)
  • Water, Sand and Grass are still 1.72+
  • Storage Chest (LH Temple)
  • Guild Safe (LH Temple)
  • Larger Spawns
  • Elven Chainmail Armor now drops from Skraug Corpses
  • Drachenrobe is Droppable


  • Fixed Cave and Crypt Area Links & Collisions
  • Fixed Cloak of Armageddon's Elemental damage
  • Fixed Ring Skins not matching names
  • Fixed Bug where Gluriurl could not be killed by Archers/Warriors
  • Fixed Bug with bosses not hitting with spells at long range
  • Fixed Bug with Electric Shield resist formula
  • Fixed Bug with Melee Weapons not increasing speed with AGI
  • Fixed Bug with Gauntlets of Shocking not working correctly

New Features