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T4C Fantasy
The Pack Rat Epidemic: On the 2nd Floor of Silversky Palace is a bartender, say “work” and he will tell you about the problems he’s been having with a pack rat. He will ask for you to find a Cheese basket and Cat nip. Once done you will be rewarded with Gold and Experiance. This quest can be done as many times as you want. 4th Island Access: When you reach the Oracle, you will notice Athena in the trial room, speak to Athena and finish the dialog. Once that is done Athena will attack you and you will have to defeat her in order to go ahead to the next stage. When you have defeated her walk down stairs and talk to Tommy, he will ask if you would like to go to the next stage in your quest. When you say "Yes" you will  be teleported to the Farplane. Once you are at the Farplane you will notice a stoneheim teleporter, Don't speak to him unless you want to go back to Stonecrest. Continue onwards to the end of the island, you will notice some Arch Drakes, just try your best to ignore them and walk across the bridge to the next island and walk northeast until you see a house. Talk to Steven and he will ask if you would like to go to the 4th Island, Answer "Yes". 5th Island Access: Once you have access to Avalon you will notice that there is a castle at the edge of the town, talk to the King of Avalon and he will tell you about this new great evil.
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