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Levels Are The Ones At The Time of The Fight.
Date Time Who Was Killed Level Killed By Level
06/22/20179:09amMAGIC151 "Gaia" (PVM)
06/22/20177:07amMerl26 Gypsy (PVM)
06/22/20176:06amMAGIC103 "Athena" (PVM)
06/22/20176:06amMAGIC103Suicide / Death over time(PVM)
06/22/20176:06amMerl213 Universal Soldier (PVM)
06/22/20175:05amMAGIC102 {Ogrimar} (PVM)
06/22/20171:01amFatality26 Nightblade
"Head Leader"
06/22/20171:01amFatality26 Death Chosen (PVM)
06/22/20171:01amFatality26 Black Guardian (PVM)
06/21/20177:19pmCuca1 Guardian of Forests
"Head Leader"
06/21/20177:19pmzyda97 "Artherk" (PVM)
06/21/20174:16pmBold Thinker9 Corrupted Goblin (PVM)
06/21/20171:13pmCuca22 Tarantula Queen (PVM)
06/21/201712:12pmMAGIC70 Nemesis (PVM)
06/21/201712:12pmMAGIC64 Nemesis (PVM)
06/21/201711:11amMAGIC64 Beholder (PVM)
06/21/20174:04amMAGIC64 Skraug Scout (PVM)
06/21/20174:04amMAGIC64 Yeti Slayer (PVM)
06/21/20174:04amMAGIC62 Ultimate Fighter (PVM)
06/20/20173:15pmMAGIC62 Death Chosen
"Head Leader"
06/20/20173:15pmMAGIC62 Death Chosen
"Head Leader"